Fleeing to Tunisia For Safety

She entered the country with refugee papers. With everything but one eye covered, she hopes to find safety within the borders of Tunisia. Since my last post about Eman al-Obeidy, I’ve been trying to piece together the next chapter in her story. And today, some answers were finally revealed. Eman caught the attention of the […]

“Nothing Remains Hidden”

I am sure that many of you have, by this point, heard the latest news on Eman al-Obeidy. In case you don’t yet know the name, she is the alleged rape victim who burst into a room of foreign reporters in Libya almost two weeks ago to tell her story of gang rape at the […]

The Crime is Being Raped

As I sit here writing this post, I am saying to myself, “this is unbelievable.” But the greatest tragedy in all of this is that it’s not only believable but it is also the reality of countless women around the world. In Libya I am past the point of trying to understand the government’s motives […]